Karami-Mountainhouse - Slovenian alps

Seated in peaceful natural surroundings in Karavanken Mountains at 900 m elevation, not far from Ljubelj, Karami Mountainhouse is perfectly suited for family vacations, seminars, workshops, where privacy, natural beauty, and serenity are key elements. We invite you to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Karami Mountainhouse and relax in comfortable accommodations.

For all those, who want to spent their free time doing some outdoor activities in beautiful natural environment, the surrounding area offers myriad of possibilities for exploration and relaxation:

•  mountain expeditions accompanied with Alpine guide
•  mountaineering and alpine climbing in Dovžan’s gorge
•  visit of Adrenalins park
•  cycling and mountain biking in Karavanken Mountains
•  gliding from Kriška mountain, tandem jumpings
•  riding
•  water sport (Rafting, Canyoning)
•  archery and fishing